How do you measure the effectiveness of your test cell?

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) aligns the activities of production test to critical measures for helping customers run their test floors like finely-tuned machines.  These measures are linked to delivering quality devices efficiently and cost effectively.

Through the use of OEE, customers can identify how to produce more good parts per hour, how to increase test cell availability for testing more parts, while eliminating test cell waste as measured in time, scrap, rework, and unscheduled test cell repairs and or maintenance.  Even when semiconductor demand is down, test system availability means the ability to respond immediately to unexpected increases in test production schedules.  With simple OEE measures and calculations, OEE can be generated for each test cell and each product type being tested.  Another benefit of OEE is that it makes it easy for everyone to see the effect of each action leading to an improvement and to justify this action with evidence.

Interested to learn more?  Then download the complete paper and learn how you can use OEE to maximize the performance of your test cell.

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