What, when, where – the move to 5G

We recently attended the MWC in Barcelona. It is clear 5G is going to happen; it is just not clear on when it will arrive, and what it will actually consist of when it does.

5G Progress

In terms of when, some industry players stated 5G will be earlier than 2020, while others stated later than 2020. Those that ‘want’ it earlier, justified it as ‘the technology that is being used is well understood’; i.e Defense/Mil/Aero have used these technologies, in most cases having either invented or made the technology(ies) viable to manufacture and deploy – albeit in smaller quantities and much higher price points and footprint than what the consumer market for Wireless can support.

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Semicon Europa 2016 Call for Papers is Open

Semicon Europa returns to Grenoble, France this year from Oct 25 – 27 and you are invited to respond to the Call for Papers for the technical sessions and presentations.  Technical presentation abstracts are due April 29.

Although there will be no European Manufacturing Test Conference (EMTC) at Semicon Europa this year, test challenges will be discussed during a dedicated session in the Advanced Packaging Conference (APC) to be held October 25 – 26.

Advanced Packaging has already seen widespread adoption in the consumer market, to enable the high functional integration we have come to expect in our smartphones and mobile devices.  Now Advanced Packaging is seeing wider adoption in industrial, medical and healthcare, automotive and even military and aerospace markets, to satisfy the seemingly contradictory requirements of Higher Performance, Reduced Form Factor and Lower Cost.  These Advanced Packaging approaches inevitably introduce a new set of Test challenges, e.g. how much test is required to verify a multi-die package has been correctly assembled without significantly increasing cost?  How will the latest generation of Advanced Packages be reliably handled and tested in high volume manufacturing?  Does the combination of functions enabled by Advanced Packaging, including MCU cores, embedded memory, wireless interfaces, power management and sensor functions allow for cost-effective scaling of manufacturing test?

If you are interested in presenting your own experiences in solving these challenges then follow the Call for Papers link at: and submit an abstract before April 29.  Otherwise, make a note in your diary and plan to attend the conference on October 25 – 26.

More information is available here: